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We would like you to send to us your comments about our web site and sign our guest book. Below are your responses.  Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Brian Butler, Stearns County Sheriff's Office wrote on 08/10/2006:
Great job to all Minnesota posts that attended this years nationals competition in Flagstaff.

Mike Spencer, Martinsville, VA Explorer Post#438 wrote on 08/02/2006:
I think the site is great.

Jeanne Lawrie, Learning for Life Director, Northern Star Council wrote on 07/20/2006:
I just wanted to personally thank and commend each of you for your work with law enforcement Exploring!  Not that the trophies are the reason you all do this, but they certainly paint a very clear picture that you do an excellent job preparing all of the Explorers involved in MLEEA.  The teams that were in Arizona, whether they won a trophy or not, were by far, among the very best of the best at the recent national conference, and they are just a sampling of what we see every year at Breezy Point.  The Minnesota youth were noticed for all of the right reasons, they knew what they were doing, they were polite, and they were extremely professional.

I watch the kids and advisors from other areas, and they just don't seem to be as well prepared or provide nearly as good a program as all of you offer to our kids here in Minnesota.  I talk to other Exploring professionals and I always hear how lucky we are to have an association like MLEEA and believe me, I do know how lucky we are!

I've been raving all week about how great everyone did and I wanted all of you to know that I recognize it is because of all your hard work and dedication that Minnesota kids did so well at nationals.  I can't thank you enough for all that you do, you make my job easy and you definitely make it fun and rewarding!

Terrell Douglas, Explorer Post#2073 wrote on 07/13/2006:
Greetings my name is explorer sergeant Terrell Douglas from post# 2073, and I'm here to say that this is a great web site.  It's good to see explorers from all over the U.S.A. to come together.  Good luck to all explorers and thank you for giving me the opportunity to tell my suggestions.

Mike Miller, Lake County Sheriff's Office, Florida wrote on 06/13/2006:
Your association has a nice website put together, very informative and up to date! Both of which are very rare when comparing Exploring websites.

Becca, wrote on 06/03/2006:
I want to join Shakopee police explorers, because I have a great interest in law enforcement.  This has been a help in getting information.

Explorer Lt. Derrick DeFlorimonte, Post 5204 (NYPD Transit District 4) wrote on 05/16/2006:
I am very excited to see that many law enforcement agencies across the country support the Law Enforcement Explorers.  That shows how good communication is between law enforcement officials and young people across the nation.

Jonathan Noel, St Paul Police Explorer Post #454 wrote on 05/06/2006:
This was my 1st year at Breezy Point and I really enjoyed my self and I enjoyed hanging out with other explorers

Jonathan Noel, St Paul Police Explorer Post #454 wrote on 05/03/2006:
I had a really good time at Breezy Point this was my first year and I really had alot of fun.

Geron Douglas, 73rd pct wrote on 03/25/2006:
Good site, wish you luck!

Officer Chris Amsler, LEEPAAC & Aurora (CO) Police Department wrote on 03/22/2006:
Great Website.  I am the webmaster for the Law Enforcement Explorer Post Advisors Association of Colorado (LEEPAAC).  We have added a link to your site on our website.  www.leepaac.com

Captain Traylon Brown, Fort Worth Explorer Post 57 wrote on 03/21/2006:
I think this is pretty cool keep it up.

Cole Frank, Former St. Louis Park Explorer Post 505 wrote on 03/17/2006:
Explorer Lt. Cole Frank, former explorer from St. Louis Park Post 505.  Explorers is a great program and taught me a lot of information.  I would recommend explorers to any individual interested in either law enforcement or anyone looking for a way to excel as a person or as a member of the community.  I am now a Security Police officer in the military and have to say that most the information about my job I already had a handle on because of explorers.

Deputy Krystal Joerg, Wright County wrote on 03/17/2006:
Great Job Wright County on your last shoot! Keep up the hard work and it will pay off!

Explorer Lt./A-PO Shriga Meade, NYPD Transit Bureau post 5204 wrote on 02/11/2006:
Its great to see so many explorers from different places in the US.  Great luck to all of you, in your law enforcement exploring, and in life.  Thank you for your continued gift of giving to your communities.

Corporal Tony Bennek,  Jacksonville, Florida Police Department former Fridley Police Explorer wrote on 02/04/2006:
We want to hire MN Explorers!!  Please call our police recruiter (904) 270-1661 in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.  I started out as an explorer for Fridley PD and I am thoroughly impressed with your organization.

Landon Brown,  Jasper Police Explorer Post wrote on 12/11/2005:
My name is Landon and I'm an explorer at the Jasper Police Department and your post is pretty cool.  We don't have our own web page that I know of.  Congratulations on your web page.  Good luck in the future.  But you could use a little more pictures.  That's it on that matter.

Ashley Pederson,  Plymouth Police Explorer Post wrote on 12/07/2005:
Hey Everybody I would just like to Back up our youth rep with the Law Enforcement Exploring Academies.  I had the honor of going to the the one the FBI hosted.  I did many of the same things the Dan did except I didn't get to see the president unfortunately :( Well anyway, I had some great advisors that all worked with the FBI that taught me many different things about leadership.  The next academy is in 2007 and I highly recommend applying for it.  We need some Minnesotans to represent us down there!  If you have any questions about it, you can e-mail me at pede0496@metnet.edu Thanks!

Deputy Chief Shamir Modestin,  NYPD Explorers Chief's Post 911 wrote on 12/05/2005:
Hi my name is Explorer Deputy Chief Modestin, I am the executive officer of patrol Borough Brooklyn North in the NYPD Law Enforcement Explorers. This is a really good website wish all of you good luck and see all of you at Nationals.

A.J. Gonzales, Corpus Christi Police Department Post# 133 wrote on 12/05/2005:
Hey People'z.  I am a former Police Explorer for the Corpus Christi Police Department Post# 133.  It was one heck of an experience with the training and I would just like to thank the Police officer's and all the fellow Explorer's I met, I will make my big return soon but not now.  But If any Corpus Christi Police Explorer is reading this, then know that I have not forgotten about them and I still think of ya'. Thanks again. This is A.J. Signing out.......

Chad Nagorski, Duluth Police Department wrote on 11/23/2005:
I was doing a Google search on my name to see what popped up and I found this website.  I was happy to see that the Explorer program in Minnesota has had a lot of students go on to law enforcement careers.  I was associated with the Explorer program in Wright County off and on from 1990 until approximately 1996.  I am currently working with the Duluth Police Department as an Investigator assigned to the Minnesota Gang Strike Force/Organized Crime Bureau.  Thank you for showing support of past Explorers.  Maybe this will show current Explorers that they truly have an "edge up" on the competition!  Respectfully, Chad Nagorski

Explorer Sgt. Brian Butler, Stearns County Sheriff's Explorer Post #2250 wrote on 11/01/2005:
Thank you to all who made 2005 Breezy Point and the Duluth conference a success.  This year was my first year with the explorer program and I thank all my advisors and MLEEA directors for an awesome learning experience and great fun!  Thanks Again!!!

Commander Brittany Page, Smithville Texas Explorer Post #200 wrote on 11/01/2005:
Hey, my name is Brittany Page (Page) and I am the commander of the spectacular Post 200 from Smithville Texas.  I also attended the DEA Academy this past year and I highly recommend it.  It really is a great experience.  I still am in contact with several people from the academy and 1 person I talk to regularly and besides the friends just the learning experience was great.

Amanda, wrote on 10/05/2005:
I think this looks like an excellent program to get into.  I plan on going into a law enforcement career and would like to be a part of this.

Chief Lynne Bankes, White Bear Lake wrote on 09/07/2005:
In 1994 Shawn Silvera was an award winning and scholarship recipient at Breezy Point from Coon Rapids PD.  Yesterday 9/6/05, as a Lino Lakes Police Officer he was killed by a fleeing felon during a vehicle pursuit.  Our prayers go out to him, his family, the Lino Lakes PD, and all who knew him.  Being a cop and being an Explorer were very important to Shawn.  "On Eagles Wings" patrolling heaven.

Eddie, Miami Beach Explorer Post #120 wrote on 09/02/2005:
I would just like to wish you good luck in Nationals we'll see you guys there.

Sergeant Chris Arechiga, El Monte Police Explorers Post #522 wrote on 08/31/2005:
Hey everybody, I just came back from an ADVANCED LEADERSHIP ACADEMY up in MAMMOTH MOUNTAIN.  We were there for a whole week.  IT WAS GREAT.  Well, my e-mail address is cjarechiga@msn.com,, and feel free to e-mail me to talk about the explorers or what ever.

Dan Berndtson, Wright County Sheriffs Office Explorer Post #641 wrote on 08/04/2005:
Hello to all again...  I just got back two weeks ago from the 2005 National Law Enforcement Explorer Leadership Academy with the DEA held in Quantico, VA.  I would strongly recommend this to all explorers across the state for the future academies.  I had an absolute blast and learned so much in the weeks time we were out there.  We got to tour many of the federal agencies like the Secret Service in Beltsville, the ATF, and the Postal Inspection agency.  We had the honor of sitting in on the President's speech that he gave to the nation on terrorism.  The week was an experience of a lifetime and if you have the chance, apply for the academy.  I look forward to a great rest of the year and hope to see you all at Duluth.  If you have any questions or concerns you can email me at Danman728@hotmail.com.. Thanks and see you all in a few months.

Sr. Sgt Mike Hernandez, Corpus Christi Police Explorers Post 133 wrote on 07/18/2005:
We would like to send a friendly hello to all our explorer brothers and sisters around Texas and the country.  We wish the best and hope to see you in the near future.

Krista Clark, Lavonia Police Explorers Post 313 wrote on 07/01/2005:
Hello, my name is Krista Clark, I am the President of the Law Enforcement Explorer Association of Georgia.  I like to visit post websites just to see who all is out there.  Great job on the website.

Kelli Smith, Minnesota State Patrol Explorer Post 518 wrote on 06/26/2005:
I just wanted to say hey to all the people that I met at Breezy this year.  You guys rock!!  It was great getting to know you guys, and hopefully I'll see you at Duluth.  Awesome site by the way.  But yea, just a quick note to say hey to all the people that I met at Breezy.  Keep in touch!! (You know who you are.)

Phillip Hagen, Coon Rapids Explorer Post 763 wrote on 06/15/2005:
Great website!  It's nice to see what my fellow former explorers are up to.  For all you explorers going to Breezy Point, I have 1 suggestion: don't brush up against any furniture (shelves, etc...) during bomb scene search!

The Swat House wrote on 06/24/2005:
Hello and first off, great site!  We wanted to say thank you to all of the Explorers and their Commanders for their dedication to this great organization.  The Swat House is a proud supporter of our own Explorer Posts in Las Vegas, Nevada and we recently participated in Explorer Competition 2005 also known as Ex-Con.  Thanks again and keep your head up, elbows in, and always check your six!

Christa, Bloomington Explorer Post 624 wrote on 06/11/2005:
Breezy was fun, there was confusion but it was all of our hard work practicing paid off for us and I would do this again with out holding back.  Our post did good but I am the shy one so I didn't do really good but I thought this was the best weekend with my post/friends......  Other explorer posts were tight too, but there is still a lot of drama between each other....   For all the 1st timers have fun and don't be scared and don't hold back say what you have to say and do your best!

Chris Reynaud, Lafourche Parish Sheriff's Office Explorer Post 323 wrote on 06/07/2005:
I just wanted to say hi.  I am an explorer in Lafourche Parish in Louisiana.  I think it is great that the state has a Association for explorers.

Kelli Smith, Minnesota State Patrol Explorer Post wrote on 05/31/2005:
Wow Breezy was so much fun!!  I know it's a little late to be writing about it, but hey!!  It was my first year there, and I had a total blast.  I hope all of you had as much fun as I did.  I can't wait 'till next year!!

Aaron Ramirez, Corpus Christi Explorer Post #133 wrote on 05/03/2005:
Hey, well I just dropped by to say hi and to ask everyone to wish me luck at training to become a police explorer!!  I am really glad that there is a program for young adults like me who are interested in police work!!

Ashley O'Rourke, St. Louis County Sheriff's Office Explorer Post wrote on 05/02/2005:
If posts are looking for additional ways to support their communities a great way is to get involved in the "First Lady's Military Family Care Initiative."  Community Groups volunteer to assist families who have a family member serving over seas.  Tasks include washing cars, mowing lawns, picking up groceries, as well as a variety of other projects.  A group can specify the community they serve and the types of projects they are involved in.  Families request assistance and groups are asked to help out.  Our post is just getting involved within our county, and with additional Minnesota troops shipping out, it's a good way for other posts to get involved as well!

Dan Berndtson, Wright County Sheriffs Office Explorer Post #641 wrote on 04/27/2005:
Hey Everyone.  I had a great time at Breezy Point and I enjoyed meeting all the new faces.  I am very excited to serve as your 2005 - 2006 MN Youth Representative and if you ever have concerns or questions, send me an email at Danman728@hotmail.com. Thanks again for making this another great year at Breezy and I will see you all at Duluth.

Karl Tingelstad, Anoka County Sheriffs Explorer Post #444 wrote on 04/25/2005:
Just got back from 2005 Breezy and loved it.  So much to do and alot of stuff to learn and the competition part of it were intense!  Thank You to all.  See you next year at Breezy 2006.

Whitney, Rochester Police Explorer Post wrote on 04/24/2005:
Great time up at Breezy this year!  Rochester takes it all home in shooting!  Way to go team! 

Krystal Weir, St. Paul Police Explorer Post #454 wrote on 04/24/2005:
I am with post 454 and this past weekend was my first breezy point and I loved it...  I learned alot and I do mean alot.  Thank you for awarding us The Don Cup.  It really did touch us.  Again thank you and we'll see you at breezy next year.

Kimberly, Wright County E641 wrote on 03/03/2005:
Cool site.  I had a blast at Spirit Mountain.  It was a great experience.  I'm really looking forward to Breezy Point and some more laser tag!  See you up there Chaska!

Deputy Greg Reiter, Washington County Sheriff's Office wrote on 03/02/2005:
I saw that my name was on the explorer honor roll.  That is really neat.  I remember being an explorer at age 15 and looking forward to being a cop and her I am.  I'm 32 and have been a deputy for over 7 years.  It's Great!!!  My advice to anyone that reads this is work hard in explorers and get a good education.  Good luck to anyone that wants to go into this field.  Thanks.

David Cherrey, Coon Rapids and Mankato wrote on 02/16/2005:
I just wanted to say that as an ex explorer for both Coon Rapids and Mankato I have great respect for the entire explorer program. I am graduating this spring from MSU Mankato with a 4 year law enforcement degree and with the training I received in explorers I am one step up on other job applicants.  Thanks to both Coon Rapids and Mankato posts for the training and I hope you both the best in the future.

Agatha Cebula, Chief of Mundelein Police, Mundelein Police Explorer Post #184 wrote on 02/10/2005:
Great Site. I have been with my post for over an year and a half now. I love Atlanta, GA.  Thought everyone did an awesome job and enjoyed each others company.  I was wondering if any posts would want to get together whether its through email, snail mail, or hosting a get together to see what ideas each post has to make this year better than the last.  Hope to talk to ya'll soon.

Explorer D'Andre Lampkin, LASD Reserve Forces Bureau Post #1 wrote on 01/24/2005:
Hey everyone! I haven't heard from many of you in a while. I miss the emails from everyone I met at the National Conference. If you get some time, my new email address is lampkin2@gardenapd.org.

Also, in case anyone's wondering I haven't been calling you all because I accidentally packed up my folder with all the addresses and telephone numbers.  My family just brought a new home and we'll be moving next month hopefully.  I also hope all of you that contacted me received your LASD patches.  My Sgt said he sent them some time in September.

In the mean time, stay safe, have fun, and keep Exploring.

PEFC Claiborne Kaysone, Burlington Police Explorer Post #4095 wrote on 01/18/2005:
I can't wait to go to the Nationals in 2006.  I hope I can make the tryouts on drill team or team A and B, but ride alongs are cool if I couldn't go.  Hope yawl have fun at Nationals in Maryland or Seattle, Washington because I might not make it next year.

Jay Personius, Chaska Police Explorer post wrote on 01/17/2005:
I want to say the skills as an explorer with Chaska has really helped me at school in Alexandria.  Everyone keep working hard at explorers and hope to see you all at breezy being it will be my last and final year.  Also heads up Wright county, your team needs to practice laser tag because we beat you short two guys.  Also Chaska challenges and post out there to a good game of laser tag.

Anthony, Frederick County post #714 wrote on 01/12/2005:
I'm just surfing the net looking at all the great sites about the Explorer program!  Good job in Atlanta this summer!!!

Police Explorer 1st class Claiborne, Burlington Police Dept Explorer Post #4095 wrote on 01/10/2005:
Just came by to check on things.  This site is the greatest.  I'm glad that there are other posts out there, each post is a family and now I'm the (youngest) of the post.

Shawn Pak, Athens City Police Explorer Post wrote on 01/04/2005:
Hey this is Shawn Pak the new commander of the Athens city police explorers.  Great Site!  This is something any young person interested in law enforcement should take part of.

Alyssa, Eagan Police Explorer Post wrote on 01/01/2005:

Justin Joyce, Riley County Police Explorer Post wrote on 12/24/2004:
Great Website with Organization. I am an Explorer with the Riley County Police Department in Kansas.

Liala Issa, Dearborn Police Explorer Post wrote on 11/27/2004:
I just wanted to say HI to all the Explorers everywhere!  We need more websites like these to keep in touch with each other and communicate more!  Good Luck to all of You.

Britni Austin, Blaine Explorer Post # 2939 wrote on 11/18/2004:
The website is awesome!  It lets people know what's going on.  I can't wait for Breezy this year!  I also wanted to say Nationals was a blast and Hi to those of you I met out there!

Captain Dan Berndtson, Wright County Sheriffs Dept. Explorer Post wrote on 11/15/2004:
Great site.  I had a great time at Spirit Mountain this past October.  I look forward to seeing you all at Breezy Point.  Hey Chaska, better practice your laser tag!!!!

Mike Isenhower, Minneapolis Police Explorer Post wrote on 11/01/2004:
Hello, my name is Mike Isenhower from post 943 Minneapolis Police Explorers.  I think this is the best thing they could have for a person who wants to be a cop someday.  I like it a lot and glad that I am involved in this organization.

Liala Issa, Dearborn Police Explorer Post wrote on 10/29/2004:
I just wanted to congratulate all the Explorer Posts that participated and competed in Atlanta this year!  It was so much fun to meet people that relate to me and talk about law enforcement all day with! Hopefully, I'll see you all in 2 years!

Captain Bryan Martineau, Hillsborough County Sheriffs wrote on 10/22/2004:
Awesome job from all of your Brothers and Sisters Explorers from New Hampshire.

M. Pearson, PE-Network wrote on 10/24/2004:
GREAT SITE!  We are looking to build an Association in Oklahoma.  As of right now, we have a P.E. Network for Explorers.  www.policeexplorers.net.  Please stop by and take a look. Any information on making an Association would be greatly appreciated!

Josh Babatz, Hennepin County Explorer Post # 2744 wrote on 10/22/2004:
I was an Explorer with Hennepin County Post for 4 and a half years.  Those four years have taught me so much about who I am and whom I'm to become.  Thank you to everyone involved in this organization.  You are all greatly appreciated.

Deputy Inspector Phillips, NYPD Explorer Post # 2077 wrote on 09/22/2004:
"Big up to Minnesota Explorers and to all Law Enforcement Explorers" from the 77 pct of the N.Y.P.D in Brooklyn .

Officer Curtis Tucker, Federal Way Explorer Post #2007 Washington wrote on 09/15/2004:
This is a great website.  I am a Police Officer/ Post advisor in WA.  I am doing a advisor certification program for our state and am looking for some background on Exploring... I am looking for the oldest Law Enforcement Post in existence.  If you have an idea, let me know!

Jay Personius, Chaska Explorer Post #421 wrote on 08/31/2004:
Team Blaine your good but will never be as good as team CHASKA!!

Captain Shamir Modestin, New York City Police Department 77 Precinct Explorer Post wrote on 08/26/2004:

D'Andre Lampkin, LASD Reserve Forces Explorer Post #1 wrote on 07/29/2004:
Hey Ashley.  Its so weird seeing your name up here because now I can put a face to it.  I'm almost done with completing my mailing list for patches and I sent you a special note at the bottom of your letter.  I also want to say, it was nice meeting all of you at the conference.  We had a blast.  I hope I stay in contact with all of you.  I'll be calling everyone soon to make sure you all had a safe trip back and to hear all the funny stories.  Feel free to email me at d2lampki@lasd.org

Brittany MCconnell, Forsyth County Sheriff's Explorer Post #58 wrote on 07/28/2004:
Hi!  I am Brittany McConnell from the Forsyth County Explorer Post #58.  I just wanted to tell you all what an awesome website this is!!  It is very informational and it tells me that I know that my post can put the exact same amount of effort into the post as you all do!!  Thanks and keep up the good work!!!

Sgt Roger Stearns, University of Texas at Dallas Explorer Post #883 wrote on 07/27/2004:
I enjoyed seeing your posts again at Nationals, and enjoyed meeting Sgt Cory Manthei.  Minnesota was well represented in the Advisor Seminars.  Keep up the good work.  Nat'l Law Enforcement Exp. Adv. Forum  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NLEEAF

Sgt Mike Isenhower, Minneapolis Police Explorer Post wrote on 07/26/2004:
I would like to say that being a Police Explorer has opened my eyes to what is to come in my career and I am thankful for that.  A lot of people do not see that by doing this program you learn a lot but in all you do and that is cool.

Dan McCullough, Plymouth Explorer Post wrote on 07/12/2004:
I think it is really unfair that you had one person place twice in the fun run.  This was my first year up at Breezy this year and when I ran it I felt extremely proud of myself because of my age and how well I did in the fun run.  Then when I found out that they decided to give a runner 2 trophies.  I think that was very unfair and I was hurt and now my judgment about how Breezy Point is run well not the competitions because those were fun and they were really good practice and good scenarios.  So I am only complaining about the fun run.

Lt. Ashley O'Rourke, St. Louis County Sheriff's Explorer Post #250 wrote on 06/21/2004:
Hey everyone, just curious what Minnesota Posts will be attending the 2004 Nationals?  Also a big thank you for the hard work our State Explorer Rep. Heather Olson has done so far!

D'Andre Lampkin, Los Angeles Explorer Association wrote on 06/06/2004:
Hello MLEEA,  Its been a very long time since I kept up with the threads here.  I was wondering if any of your explorers will be attending the 2004 National Explorer Conference in Atlanta Georgia.  If so, I hope Explorers from Los Angeles County will have an opportunity to meet your representatives.  I also hope that everyone will take the chance to view the updated website of the Los Angeles County Explorer Officers Association.  I think its awesome that steps are being made to unify the program as a whole rather than just as a post.  Sincerely,  D'Andre Lampkin
LA Co. Explorer Officers Association  http://www.eoassociation.tk

Stephanie Griffin, Sullivan County Sheriff's Explorer Post #172 wrote on 06/06/2004:
I am a explorer with the Sullivan Co. Sheriff's Office and this is a really good site.

Chief of Police, Ken Peterson, Velva, North Dakota Police wrote on 06/05/2004:
I believe this is a great opportunity for kids and should be in every state.  Great Website!

Patrolman Charles Della Rocco, Connecticut Explorer Post #106 wrote on 06/04/2004:
Great website.  You have done a wonderful job.  Keep up the good work.

John Bacigalupo, St. Paul Police Post #454 wrote on 04/27/2004:
I have been with my agency for 7 months now, and this was my first Breezy, I thought it was a lot of fun.  I learned a lot and made some new friends.  It was nice to see so many people with the same goal as mine.  Sometimes as an Explorer I get teased by my friends because I want to be a Cop.  At least I am not Alone!  All and all Breezy was great and I am looking forward to next year.

Evan Trosvik, Blaine Explorers Post #939 wrote on 04/25/2004:

Terria Sanford, Palm Beach County Sheriff's Explorers Post #611 wrote on 03/30/2004:
Hello I am an explorer with the Florida Sheriff's Explorer Association, Palm Beach County Sheriff's Explorer post 611 and I really love you website.  Good luck and goodbye.  http://floridasheriffsexplorers.com

Adam Fischer, Gamehaven Council, Staff wrote on 03/18/2004:
Thank you to all of the Post Advisors and Departments for keeping the Exploring opportunity alive and well for youth in Minnesota!

Chad A. Kitchens, Vice Chairperson Illinois Law Enforcement Explorer Committee wrote on 03/15/2004:
I didn't know there were other state organization besides Illinois Law Enforcement Explorer Committee.  Nice to see other states unified.  Visit us at www.policeexplorer.com/ileec or my web site at www.napervillepoliceexplorers.org

Lt. Ruben Cespedes, 77 PCT Explorer Post #2077 wrote on 03/11/2004:
This website is the Best keep it up!!

Caleb Shrock, Oklahoma County Sheriff Explorer Post #199 wrote on 03/07/2004:
You have a great site and ya'll are well on the ball.

Chad Sorem, former Police Explorer wrote on 02/25/2004:
I was formerly in the program and I think more cities and counties should create this a program in their areas.  I was taught more vital things that I may need for normal and my future life.  It also gave the kids a great career choice for the future.

Tommy Gillespie, Sullivan County Sheriff Explorer Post #172 wrote on 02/18/2004:
I am an Explorer with post 172 of the Sullivan County Sheriffs Department.  This site is really great.  Keep it up!

Ed Williams, Morris County, New Jersey Sheriff Explorer Post #2140 wrote on 02/13/2004:
Like your web site.  Were in process of developing our own.

Commander Megan Dowler, Athens Police Explorer Post #2330 wrote on 02/06/2004:
Hello, I'm the commander of Athens Police Department Explorer Post 2330.  I love every minute of it, and I'm glad to see other females in the same position I am in, I am in charge of 17 males.  It is fun, they are my family but I'm outnumbered sometimes!!  This site is great, just browsing around.

Deputy James Fletcher, Former Explorer Salina, Kansas Police Explorer post #2659 wrote on 02/06/2004:
Looks good folks.  I am the Post Advisor for Explorer Post 2659, Salina, KS.  I was an Explorer with Post 2659 in the early 90's and now try to share the fun.  Keep up the good work!

Luke Sarnicki, Wright County Police Explorer posts #641 wrote on 02/03/2004:
I like the new site here looks a lot better!!

Kyle Page, Tulsa Oklahoma Police Explorer posts #1307 wrote on 12/21/2003:
Hi.  I'm post Major of Explorer Post #10/90/1307 (Tulsa, OK) and I just wanted to say you have a great site and if anyone reading this and is interested in joining a Law Enforcement Explorering, I highly recommend it.  I started in 9th grade and now I'm in college working on a degree to become a police officer in my home town!  It's a great experience you'll never forget!

Devin, Northfield Minnesota Police Explorer Post #6400 wrote on 12/17/2003:
Hi, I missed Breezy last year because of prom but I plan on being there in full force this year.  I had a great time at the Duluth competition in October, and I learned lot of new things.  I wish you all good luck and am waiting to see you at the next competition.  I was just wondering if any other posts had fundraising ideas, we are in need of them.  If you do PLEASE e-mail me at uberstew02@yahoo.com

Walter Park, Leington Kentucky Explorer Post #357 wrote on 12/08/2003:
Hello I'm Lt. for the Leington Kentucky Police Explorer Post and you guys have an nice website. 

LCpl Keith Hendrickson, former explorer Roseville Police Explorer Post #574 wrote:
Hello, I was looking at your site and saw the Honor Roll.   I noticed that Roseville Police Explorer Post #574 isn't listed.  It not only developed me into an outstanding Military Policeman in the United States Marine Corps, but developed me into the Military Policeman of the Month for the largest district of the largest Provost Marshal's Office in the Marine Corps.  I guess I just didn't submit my name before to let you know that a Roseville explorer is now on the job.  LCpl Hendrickson, MPD/N Okinawa, Japan

Ray Sigg, Fairmont Police Explorers Post #167 wrote:
I have been with the Fairmont Police Explorers Post 167 since 1998.  This is pretty much my last year in the program, due to the fact that this post is shutting down, and that I'm almost 21.  It's to bad that this post might shut down.  I am now a student officer with the University Police Department on the South Dakota State University Campus.  Breezy Point was a blast.  If you just happened to stumble on this site, then I know you're interested in law enforcement.  Explorers is a great program.  Kallie, DD, Chris, Phil, it's been fun working with you.  I'm glad some of you are as dedicated as I am.  Sgt. Ring, Sgt. Klanderud, Ofc. Spee, Deputy Vath, I'm glad to have had a chance to work with you.  If it wasn't for your hard work and dedication to the program I probably would not of become interested in law enforcement.  Thank You to everyone that has made this such a wonderful experience.  Good-bye explorers.  Fairmont Police Explorers Post 167 I'll be 10-7.

Mellisa, Venice Police Explorers Post #86 wrote:
Hi everyone, I was reading about your post and I am really impressed.  I am one of the two captains in our post (right now that is the highest rank) and I was wondering if anyone from your post could help me out.  I am looking for new things to do with the post and I am hoping that you will have some ideas.  Please contact me.  Our explorer website is www.veniceexplorers.com if you would like to check it out. thank you.  Please write.

D'Andre Lampkin, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Post 1001 wrote:
Hello everyone.  I just thought I drop in and say hello.  This truly is a great and very informative site.  I also would like to mention that your site has also given Explorers of Los Angeles County suggestions for beginning our own association.  We had our first meeting October 6, 2003 and the association seems to be going in a positive direction.  Please check out our site at www.eoassociation.tk

Shamir Modestin, New York City Police Explorer wrote:
Hi, My name is Lieutenant Shamir Modestin from New York City Police Department Explorers program hope to see all you explorers at the National Conference.  Wish all explorers luck at the competition.

Alyssa Myhre, Eagan  Post 582  wrote:
Hey my name is Alyssa and I am from Eagan's post. I just wanted to see if anyone knew how to get a hold of Champlin's post, or Shakopee's post? email me at smiley41909@netscape.net

Captain Phillips, New York Police Explorer Post 2077 wrote:
This one of the best website out for law enforcement explorers, so big up to the Minnesota explorers from post 2077 of the N.Y.P.D 77 pct explorers post .

Officer Ken Petrashek, Stillwater Police (Oklahoma) wrote:
I am the new advisor for Explorer Post 2933 in Stillwater, OK.  I was surfing the web looking for ideas.  Being an ex-Minnesota guy myself, I was naturally interested.  Very professional.  Things have come a long way since 1990.  Keep up the good work.

Brian Parker, Baytown Police Explorers Post 1255 wrote:
Hey guys my name is Ozzie from Baytown Texas.  All I want to say is that we will be at the next National competition.  Also you guys have a great web site.  Feel free to visit our web site at www.baytownpoliceexplorers.org.

Kallie Obray, Fairmount Post 167 wrote:
Hey, I would just like to say thanks to everyone who helped make breezy-point awesome!  It was so cool to meet other explorers, and compete!  I cant wait till next year!!!  Does anyone know how I can get a hold of the St. Paul Explorers??  email me at kallie_obray@hotmail.com, thanks!

Matt Blomsness, Edina/Eden Prairie Post 925 wrote:
Hey guys...  I have been in explorers going on 5 years and am going on to get a criminal justice degree.  This program has given me so much insight to what the career is and who I am.  Explorers is the best program EVER.  See you later.

Christine Skinnell, Austin, Texas Post 26 wrote:
Hi, my name is Christine Skinnell.  I am a former member of Post 26 in Austin TX.  I am now attending college, planning on majoring in Criminal Justice.  I enjoyed the site and pictures.

Kallie Obray, Fairmount Post 167 wrote:
My name is Kallie Obray from Fairmont Post 167 I would just like to say I had tons of fun up at breezy point!!  It was my first time coming up, I made new friends, learned a ton of stuff, and decided that I defiantly am going into a major in law enforcement.  I would just like to say hi to all the St Paul Police Explorers!  If anyone wants to talk about breezy point and stuff my email is Kallie_obray@hotmail.com

Ashley O'Rourke, St. Louis County Post 523 wrote:
Hey all!  It was great to see you all at Breezy Point!  Thanks for the awesome time once again! I look forward to seeing you all in another competition such as the Spirit Mountain competition in October!  Check out our webpage www.geocities.com/s_l_c_explorers/

Ruben Cespedes, New York Police Explorer Post 2077 wrote:
I would like to say that I really like your website and wish all Explorers and Advisors Good Luck in their Police Departments.

Matt, Fairmont Police Explorer Post 167 wrote
I'd just like to thank you guys for putting on Breezy point our post had a fun time Thanks!!

Lance Jackson wrote:
This web site is one of the best site I saw on the internet.

Eric Gunderson, Minnetonka Police Explorer Post 884 wrote:
Good work at Breezy Point this year.  Good planning and organization made my first experience a blast.  Thanks to all that helped out.

Destiny Wright, Fairmont Police Explorer Post 167 wrote:
This is one of the best web sites I have been to.  This site also give great Breezy Point information.  I can't wait to see the 2003 Breezy Point results!!

Lieutenant Lauren Aycock, Marietta Police Explorers wrote:
I used the search engine to find explorer websites, and I happened upon y'alls.  You guys have an awesome website.  If you'd like to check out our website, it is www.geocities.com/mpdexplorers2.  Congrats on everything, and best of luck in all you do..

Ruben Cespedes, New York Police Explorer Post 2077 wrote:
Hi my name is Explorer Ruben Cespedes from the N.Y.P.D. post#2077 at the 77pct Brooklyn N.Y. and I really like this website it's cool.

Matt Cash, Blaine Explorer Post 939 wrote:
Two days until breezy point, good luck all, and go Blaine, we're #1!!!

Dan Niehaus, Hastings Police Explorers Post 567 wrote:
Great web site.

Dallas Barnes:
I am soon going to be a police explorer.  I love law enforcement, I want to serve my country, and the state that I live in.  You guys do an awesome job.  I would like more information concerning the explorer program within the district I live in.

Capt. Josh Coville, Phoenix Police Explorers wrote:
Great job on this site it is one of the most organized and informational sites I have seen so far.  Please keep up the good work.

Lt. Modestin, New York Police Explorer Post 2077 wrote:
Hi I am a Lieutenant with the New York City Police Department the 77pct, Brooklyn New York.  I really like your web site.  God Bless all of you.  Thank You.

Corporal Jason Dean, Putnam County Sheriff's Explorers wrote:
I think your web page is great.  I wish that we had one for our department.  Keep up the good work!  Thanks for spreading the word about law enforcement exploring.  I especially like the pictures.  Keep up the good work and good luck in the future.

Bobby Hodges, West Point, Mississippi Police Department wrote:
I am a Police Explorer at West Point, Mississippi Police Department.  Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Josh Whittenburg, Former explorer - Brooklyn Center Post #888 wrote:
I am a former Explorer and now am currently going to school for law enforcement.  Explorers is a good opportunity for the future.  It also helps out a lot and the best thing about it is that it is fun to be a part of the BC explorers.  Thanks for everything.

Monica Page, Hennepin County Sheriff's Office post #2744 wrote:
I was involved in the explorer program for six years.  When I left my post I was Captain.  I learned so much about who I was and what I wanted to do with my life while participating in this wonderful program.  I am currently pursuing a career in Criminal Justice.

Lee Flandrich, MN State Patrol 1986-1992 Post wrote:
Nice website.  Too bad this wasn't around back in 1986.  Keep up the good work and Good luck to all who are aspiring to accomplish their goals.  PS.An "old" section on past Breezy points would be neat. Anyone I can send some old regular photos to, and have them posted on the site?

Marlan Kutnink, Farimont, Minnesota  wrote:
I am glad to see the Explorer program has been such an informational tool for our future Law Enforcement officers.  I grew up with a father that was a peace officer from the late 60`s and I was even in the Explorers in the mid 80`s and seeing the transactions through the years shows that any pre-law enforcement training will benefit each and every officer. GOOD JOB and GOD BLESS.

Scott DiLorenzo, Edina/Eden Prairie Post #925, Minnesota  wrote:
I am a new explorer for Post #925 Edina/Eden Prairie and I just wanted to say I love the whole program and it is incredibly fun and exciting.

James,  MPD Post 943, Minnesota  wrote:
Breezy Point makes all the work we do, and the training worth it because of the experience we get from places like this will hopeful save the lives of future police officers who attend Breezy Point.  Even the officers learn to be more safe on the streets.

Explorer Phillips, NYPD Explorer Post 77 pct, New York  wrote:
Hi my name is Explorer Phillips from the 77pct explorers program, and I like your website.   "Big up to all Law Enforcement Explorers" from the 77 precinct of the NYPD.

Melvin Leiva wrote:
Hello this explorer Sgt. Leiva and just checking out your site.  Good job keep doing what ya doing.

Cadet Office Erick McGuire, Chesterton Police Explorer Post #921, Indiana wrote:
I am Cadet Officer Erick McGuire from the Chesterton Police Department Explorers and The Porter County Sheriffs Department you guys have a great site!  Ours is www.cpdexplorers.20m.com.

Steven T Bikkie Sr. wrote:
My son LOVED this program and always had wonderful comments about the personnel involved with Explorers. Thanks for all you did for him.

Holly Bauer, Hastings Police Explorers Post #567, Minnesota wrote:
Nice Website it had some information I was looking for.  I'm a Police Explorer in Hastings, MN.

Gary Thurman, Law Enforcement Post #357 Lexington wrote:
Hello, My name is Gary. I'm an explorer myself, nice site.

Sgt Jason Oltmanns, Law Enforcement Post #641 Wright County, Minnesota  wrote:
Alright everyone, I'm hoping for some good competition at the shoots in Maple Grove.  I know its really hard to beat me and my fellow Wright County Guys.  So Good Luck To All.  DuWey You Rock!!!

Mike Isenhower, Law Enforcement Post #888 Brooklyn Center, Minnesota  wrote:
Breezy Point is one of the best things that I have done in a long time, keep up the good work.

Matthew Smith, Law Enforcement Post #253 wrote:
I like your web site.

Erick McGuire, Law Enforcement Post #921 Porter County, Indiana wrote:
Hey.....great site. I am from Porter County Sheriff Explorers and also on the Chesterton Police Department (of Indiana) explorers. You guys have a great site. also like to comment great pic's. Is there anyway to get emails from the explorers in the pic with them holding their rewards? just a question.

Lt. Shaver, Law Enforcement Post #151 Williamson County, Tennessee wrote:
Nice looking Site.  Please take time to visit our site and sign the guestbook with any comments or questions you may have.  Thanks.  www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/9569/ 

Sgt Meza, Law Enforcement Post #661 Los Angles, California wrote:
Good site and check out our post's site at www.lapdexplorers.tk 

Chris Kiddle, Law Enforcement Post #3 Wilmette, Illinois wrote:
My name is Chris Kiddle I am a former member of Law Enforcement Post #3 Wilmette Illinois.  It is good to see that teenagers are still interested in this type of activities.  Keep it up.

Great resource for current and future explorers!  I really like the membership page, you can easily find the info on your local post!

Sirbabsolot, Hennepin County Explorer Post #744 wrote:
May I suggest a link on your web site to a chat room for Minnesota, or National, Explorers who wish to speak about up coming events.  I think this would be a great addition to your, all ready amazing website.

Sirbabsolot, Hennepin County Explorer Post #744 wrote:
I think the whole Explorers Organization is in need of praise. The time everyone involved is willing to spend to teach us is unmeasurable in words. Thank you guys.

Grant Gimpel, Former St. Louis County Sheriffs Explorers Post #523 wrote:
I would like to thank Marcus Bruning for all the time and effort he has put into this conference for the last seven years.  It is a great way to re-fresh before Breezy and get to know your new explorers.  It is a great way to keep in contact with other explorers throughout the state also.  Thanks a bunch Marc keep it up.

Grant Gimpel, Former St. Louis County Sheriffs Explorers Post #523 wrote:
I was just thinking the Duluth conference has been going on for 7 years now and well I feel like there should be a link on your web site for it.  Sure its not as big as Breezy but i would be nice to be able to recognize the Dept's that excel at the meet.

Tony Martin, St. Louis Park Explorer Post 505 wrote:
I just wanted to say what a great job DuWey does on this web site.  It's very informative and fun.  Great Job... P.S.- Anne, Write me.

Jason Oltmanns, Wright County Explorer Post 641 wrote:
Barb's right, Wright County rules, but not as much as Sherburne county. Everything with explorers rocks, so i suggest you join if you are interested in law enforcement at all. ITS AWESOME!!

Barbie Borell, Wright County Explorer Post 641 wrote:
First, I have to say that Wright County Rules!  Second, Breezy is so fun and I hope to see a lot of new people this year!  And finally being in E641 is a blast and if you are really interested in being in the Law Enforcement field, I recommend going to a few meetings in your county and seeing what it is like.  It is so fun when we get into training.  You get to know each person in your post in a different way.  I have made so many great friends. Everyone is so nice and sweet!

Sgt. Andrew Yocum wrote:
Great Web site! I can only hope that other follow the example.  Keep up the good work!!!

Grant wrote:
Cool web site

Mike Yuhas Advisor, Lorain Police Explorers Post # 349 wrote:
Looks like you have a very good post. Please visit our site. www.geocities.com/lorainpoliceexplorers

Emily Davis, Eagle County Sheriff's Department, Colorado wrote:
This organization is wonderful for anyone who wants to learn about Law Enforcement.  It is a great part of what MN stands for: teaching it right from the beginning. This is why MN P.O.S.T. certified officers are wanted all over the U.S. Explorers did great things for my career and future.

John Hamilton, Edina/Eden Praire Post 925 wrote:
Great job at breezy everyone, we all did great and had a good time.  I know I learned a thing or two.  Come back next year!!

Anne Schottenbauer, Former St. Louis Park Police Explorer  wrote:
From a St. Louis Park Post 505 former explorer great website, keep up the great work, I really like it!!!

Lesley Anizor, Mother  wrote:
This is great!!!  I want to get my son involved.  Having the explorers give advice to potential young kids who want to become involved would be a nice idea.

Crystal Erickson, Detroit Lakes and Becker County Explorer Post 610 wrote:
This is a great place to do a good thing if you are planning to go into the Law Enforcement field. Good Job Have fun this year cause we are not able to go.

Patrick, Burnsville Police Explorer Post 170 wrote:
Good luck to all the posts going up to Breezy.

Katie Hanson, Richfield Explorer Post wrote:
Great informational site.  Definitely something a long time in coming.  Good Job!

Jason Nish, Port St. Lucie Post 411 wrote:
I would like to say that this site is great and I give you guys all the praise in the world.  I looked at the pictures from Nationals and I must admit that I did see some faces that I saw at Nationals.  I am also an Explorer from Port St. Lucie Post 411.  I would like to wish you good luck in the near future. 

Lt. Jerrod Burris, Macon County Sheriff's Explorer Post 2214 wrote:
I am a lieutenant with the Macon County Sheriff's Department Police Explorer Post #2214 in Decatur Illinois.  You can put us on your web site.

Former Explorer  wrote:
Why isn't  there a link for people to read what other have said about Breezy Point?

James S. Kastning wrote:
Just would like to say that I think you guys are doing a very good job for the kids in general.  I think education is the KEY at this place and time. I wish I would have continued my education in Law Enforcement like I wanted too.  Also would like to say that Mr. Spee has made a very large impact on me with my feeling towards Law Enforcement in General!  Good Job you Guys & Gals!

Bret Downs wrote:
Just wanted to see if you had a listing of officers.  I know Ed Werneke.

Jesse Fischer, Eagan Explorer Post wrote:
Hi, I am Jesse and I'm interested in your explorers program from Eagan Minnesota and just wanted to know if you had a brochure or some more information on the program please e-mail me back thanks.

Tony Boverhuis, White Earth Tribal Police wrote:
I started my Law Enforcement carrier as a Police Explorer with the city of Bloomington (POST 624).  I am now a Police Officer with the White Earth Tribal Police.  We are just starting our explorer post.  I have found this web page the best resource for information that is out there.  It has assisted greatly in our campaign to activate our post.

Ross Dormady, Rochester Explorer Post  wrote:
This is a great website!!!  KEEP UP THE  GREAT WORK!!!

Chris Long, New Hope Explorer Post  wrote:
Great web site....... Very informational with up coming events, and with what is happening in the explorer program.   <<>>>

Matt Silva, California State Fair Police Cadets wrote:
Just collecting information on posts.  We are not a BSA post but we are a youth program.

Spencer Erickson, Richfield Explorer Post 447 wrote:
This is a great home page for the explorers.  It gives plenty of information on anything one might want to know about us.  I especially like the countdown to Breezy!!  One suggestion that I have is to have a separate sidebar link to the shooting scores.  I found that hard to get to.  Thank you and GO EXPLORERS!!

Assistant Chief Ben Whitley, Lexington Explorer Post 357 Kentucky wrote:
This website is wonderful.  Congratulations on a job well done!  As a note, I was wondering if you would e-mail me and tell me what the events at Nationals consisted of.  Our post has only been up for a little over a year, but already we are the largest post in Kentucky.  This year, we will be hosting the State competition, and are trying to make it more than just a PT test (as it has been in the past here).  As the Assistant Chief of the post, I have been charged with helping the event coordination, so I was wondering if you could help me with what our events should consist of.  Thank you very much.

dhr Laurents, Amsterdam wrote:
Dear Sirs, we have seen your impressive MLEEA web site - Congratulations.  We would be very pleased if you would pass to the appropriate department of the Grand Rapids Police? State Police? Highway Patrol Police departments our request?  We are the Netherland's Politie Verzamel Bond and would be most grateful to receive a pair of Grand Rapids Police department patches and any other small police memorabilia items from the Grand Rapids Police Department (pens/children's fridge magnets/stickers, info packs etc.,)  thanking you in advance for your cooperation, dhr Laurents, Netherland's Politie Verzamel Bond

Matt Steen, Richfield Explorer Post 447 wrote:
Great web site!  See you at the shoot on 12-09-00.

John, Ocala Florida wrote:
Hello I'm a explorer in post 564 and just looking at you page.  I like it.

Colleen Nietz,  wrote:
What is New Brighton like to live in.  Is there much crime?  How is the crime rate compared to Roseville, Blaine, etc.  I am moving but not sure where I want to go.

Cheryl Reinhold, Forest Lake Police Explorer Post wrote:
I use to be a member of the Forest Lake Police Explorer Post.  I just wanted to say that this is a great program, I had a lot of good times and learned a lot of things while I was in the Explorer program.  I want to say thank you to all the advisors and everyone else who took time out of their schedules to teach kids.

Cory McNicol, Mt. Zion wrote:
I am Cory from the post out of Mt. Zion and I am requesting a patch from your post to add to our collection and to get an idea about out what our patch is going to look like.  If you are so kind, please send it to Cory McNicol.

John Simmons, Ocala Florida Explorer Post 564 wrote:
You have a good web page.  I just would like to say that I'm a sheriff explorer in Ocala Florida.  We do not have a page at this time. just was saying Hi.

Nick Loperfido, Washington County Explorer Post 2528 wrote:
Thanks for all of the great work that you guys put in to this site!  It's nice to have a reliable source of info on events and competitions out on the web.

Bob Reid, Viking Council wrote:
Thanks for the info on Nationals.  That was quick.

Mike Edwardson, Burlington City Explorer Post 900 New Jersey wrote:
Very interesting web site about exploring.

Master Sergeant N Bhatti, Illinois State Police Explorer Post 9696 wrote:
You guys have done a very good job with your website.  Thank you for sending the message of exploring.

Eric Escobar, California Army National Guard Post 149 wrote:
Outstanding site.  Keep up the wonderful work... 

Renell McCullough, Franklin Tennessee wrote:
Hi!  My name is Renell McCullough. I'm in the Franklin Police Explorer Post 219.  I like the what you have done with your website, and the way you have it set up.  Our post is just now starting to work on getting one set up.  We were looking at our Explorer's Posts website to get an feel for what we want to do.  We are also going to the National Law Enforcement Explorer Conference in Atlanta.  I hope to see you guys there.  Once again I like what you have done with your website.  Good luck at the National Conference.  I think we all need it.

Explorer Elizabeth White, Minnetonka Explorer Post 884 wrote:
This is an excellent page.  It makes me feel connected to the other local posts.  It was really cool to look over all the Breezy and Nationals stuff.  Happy memories!!

Explorer Mary Abram, Collin County Sheriff's Explorer Post wrote:
I am currently an explorer with the Collin County Sheriff's Office in Texas, and will be moving back to Minnesota in July and would like some information on explorer posts in Minnesota.

Explorer Sean Wiggins, Johnson City Police Explorers wrote:
I really enjoyed your site!  Keep up the good work.  I think that it is one of the best explorer sites that I have seen.

Explorer Keven Kely, Explorer Post 2240 wrote:
You are doing a good job handling the housing problems at the conference.  I like the idea of limiting the amount of people that go it will make competitions harder because the posts will bring their best people to compete.

Advisor Mike Swang, East Grand Forks Explorer Post 540 wrote:
I am the advisor for the East Grand Forks Law Enforcement Explorer Post 540.  I would like to get an application for membership for the post.

Explorer Joseph Cline, Clay County Explorer Post wrote:
I think that putting this web site up was a great idea.  It might get more teenagers like myself that are interested the career of law enforcement, help us find more information on this exciting career.

Communications Officer Scott R Griffo, Baldwinsville Police Explorer Post 952 wrote:
Your organization sounds very "together".  I'm interested in starting something like this in my area, is there any help you might be able to offer - some councils in New York are unwilling to give addresses of police departments that have posts.  I'm currently starting a committee in the central NY area with our posts and would like to expand this to the state like you have.

Explorer Christine Okerstrom, Columbia Heights Explorer Post 554 wrote:
Are you going to post all of the memories from Breezy Point on the web page?  That would be a good idea.

Advisor Kathi Lefty, Crystal Police wrote:
Great job on the website!  What a great idea!

Explorer Anthony Robert Mortinson, Champlin Explorer Post 999 wrote:
Hello, my name is Tony Mortinson and I am the Explorer Lt. for the Champlin Police Explorer Post #999.  I read through the Breezy Point section of this website.  I thought it was very well put together and gave me the information I needed to help our pot with getting prepared for Breezy!  Thanks!

Officer Elmer Bass, Fort Myers wrote:
You have a great web page FMPD Post 55 is attempting to get a web page started, no set date at this time.

Chad Allen Haluptzok  wrote:
Hi my name is Chad Allen Haluptzok and I'm looking into becoming a police officer and not sure what collage is a better collage to go to.  I have checked in to it a few times and know how long you have to go to schools for it.  I would like to start as soon as possible.  Thanks a lot.

President Debbi Ann Perez, US Customs Post 2231 wrote:
I would like to get info in getting a web site for our explorer post.  Great page.

Officer Myra Bonney wrote:
Dear sir, I am interested in starting a scholarship program for your counsel.  Please send me information on regarding this matter.

Eli Paluga wrote:
I am an explorer from Moorhead.  This is my second year.  Cool site.

Chief of Explorers Andrew Pike, Minnetonka Police Explorer Post wrote:
Hey man, I am curious as to when the monthly shoot competitions start.  Could you leave me a voice mail at the

Chief of Explorers Andrew Pike, Minnetonka Police Explorer Post wrote:
Hey man, I am curious as to when the monthly shoot competitions start.  Could you leave me a voice mail at the police department and tell me some info as to when it starts and numbers of people to call.

Ryan M wrote:
I can't wait 'till Breezy.  It's my first time up there.  I'm so excited.  See you all there.

SWAT  wrote:
This is a great page for explorers to get current information on ways to advance in their training and scholarship opportunities.

Mary Dunlap, Guilford County Sheriff's Explorer Post 592 wrote:
My name is Mary and I'm an explorer in NC and I like your idea of putting this online I'm going to talk to my post advisors and see what they think about doing this for our post!!!

Bradd Preuss wrote:
I think Brett Bill Meyer is the best cop in Woodbury.  To bad he didn't catch that streaker at the football game.

Tara Pascarella, Pembroke Pines Police Explorers Post 108 wrote:
I found your website very interesting and informing.  I'm an Explorer Commander for Pembroke Pines Police Explorer Post #108 in Florida and am a member with the Florida Association of Police Explorers.  It is great that a website like this was created so that people will be more informed of what a phenomenal program this really is.

Angel wrote:
Hi, I would like to thank each police officer who is out there protecting each citizen, you put your life on the line to protect and make life better for each of us.  Thank you so much.  May God bless you all and keep you safe.

Joshua Swenson, Roseville Police Explorer Post wrote:
I think that it is very informative, and easy to read.  I found that it was much easier to look at Breezy Point results on the internet.  Police Explorer meetings are held every second and fourth Tuesdays of the month at the Roseville Police Department.  For more information please contact Advisor Greg Levendoski at the Roseville Police Department.  You may also e-mail Roseville Police Explorer Captain at RPDexplore@aol.com 

Renee Jewell, Richfield Explorer Post 447 wrote:
I am a law enforcement explorer from Richfield and it was very nice to see that we as explorers have a web site.

Explorer Aimee Fink, Coon Rapids Post 763  wrote:
This website is great.  It has all of the updated news that many of us explorers don't get from our leaders during the summer off time.

Clint Gust, Panama City Explorer Post 330  wrote:

Brian Cobb wrote:
Nice website.

Explorer Junstin Smith, Helena Police Department  wrote:
Ya'lls page is excellent.  I love your governor too!  I am currently an explorer with Helena Police Department.  In Helena, Alabama.  Your Page is Excellent!!! 

Explorer Grant Gimpel, St. Louis County Sheriff County Explorer Post 523 wrote:
This is a great site and is put together well.  Thank you for giving us young adults an opportunity to look into the career of Law Enforcement.

Terall Beery wrote:
To whom it may concern, My name is Terall Beery.  I am 15 years old and I live in Estes Park, Colorado.  I have been collecting police patches from all over the world for about 6 years.  I started when I went out to lunch with the chief of police in my town and he gave me a patch.  I now have about 75 to 100 patches ranging from here to South Africa.  If you could please help me out in building my collection of patches from any department, including yours, It would be greatly appreciated.  Please E-mail me back if you can help.  Thank you so much.

Explorer Aimee Fink, Coon Rapids Post 763  wrote:
Breezy is definitely fun and we all learned a lot this year.  All of our new explorers loved the experience and can't wait until next year.

Explorer James Finley, Hasting Police Post 567 wrote:
Need more information.

Advisor Toby Krone, Moorhead Police Explorer Post #639 wrote:
Excellent! Very impressed with the site.

Clay Carter, Montgomery County Sheriff's Explorer Post 7 wrote:
The website is really great.  I am a sergeant of my explorer post.  My post is in Montgomery County Ohio.

Krystal Sneary, Allen County Explorer Post 21  wrote:
I think your web site is neat.  Good Job!!  I like it.  I was looking up explorer groups on the internet.  I saw your web site and thought it was neat.  I am in a Explorer Group in Ohio.  I was wondering what you do in your group.

Officer Jo Ann Padia, Holly Police Department Colorado wrote:
I would like to obtain information on starting an Explorer program in my department.  Will you please send the information to Holly Police Department PO Box 458 Holly, CO 81047

Lieutenant Chris Ahr, Boerne Police Department  wrote:
Hello, my name is Chris Ahr.  I am the Lieutenant for the Boerne Police Dept. Law Enforcement Explorers in Boerne, Texas.  We are a new department, in fact, this is our first year in operation.  I was browsing the net for established programs to get ideas and information from and came across your site.  Our Explorers have undergone basic training in Searches, arrest procedures, vehicle stops, and basic investigation.  As I mentioned before we are a new program and are still trying to get organized.  As of now we have about 10 active members.  By looking at the results from the last national competition, I noticed that several Texas Explorer posts placed.  My question to you is: Do you know of a Texas Law Enforcement Explorer Association, and if so would you know of a number or web site where we may contact them?  Any information or advice you can give us would be most appreciated.  We also have a website if you would like to visit it.  The address is: http://members.aol.com/bhscops/Home/index.htm  Thank you again.

Aimee Fink, Coon Rapids wrote:
I'm on the Coon Rapids Post#763 and I think that this site says a lot  what the Explorer program is all about.

Explorer Captain Craig Shapiro, Philadelphia Police Explorer Post 762 South Division wrote:
I was just wondering how you guys got a web site?  Did it cost you a lot of money?  What company made it for you?  Did you guys make it yourself?  Would you like to trade department patches, we dont have our own, sorry.  If you have any questions about our post you can e-mail me at Craigs2432@aol.com  How many members are in your post?  We have 20 in our division, but there are 6 divisions.

Explorer Debber wrote:
I am applying to be an explorer in the city where I live.  I would appreciate any advice you could give me! 

Explorer Anthony Roeske, Madison Heights Police Michigan  wrote:
Wow!  What a web page!  I'm sick right now in my dorm at Ferris State University and found this web page on my computer.  I live in Michigan and a member of the Madison Heights Police Explorer post in Michigan.  I was particularly interested in your nationals page.  I say my name on the pistol competition.  I got to show all my friends what a great shot I am.  Just joking.  Nice job with web page, wish MI had one too.

Jennifer Everitt, Woodland Police Department Explorer Post 2861 wrote:
I think you have a excellent site.  It needs to be updated a little, but other than that it has some great information.  I will keep in mind the information you put on your website.  I believe I will start a website for our Explorers in the near future.  Also, I'm trying to work with other posts for training ideas and other necessities.  We are a long ways from each other, but maybe we can work together via Internet.

Bou Gazley, Olmsted County Sheriff's Explorer Post 2830 wrote:
How can we get our post listed on your site?  We are chartered by BSA.  Please let me know.  Thanks.

Jason Higdon, New Albany Law Enforcement Post 611 wrote:
Very nice, I am the Major of post 611 in New Albany, IN.  I will give you my site.  http://members.tripod.com/~jhig82/index.html

Explorer Sean Pegg, New Hope Explorer Post 915 wrote:
Just wondering when your going to change the newsletter it is from Breezy Point 98', that's all I was checking.  Thanks.

Michael L Coggin, Jacksonville Police Explorer Post #948 wrote:
Glad to see other explorers online. 

Kristin VanGrouw wrote:
I like that there is a place for more recently started posts, like ours, can get information on events we don't know about.  The Breezy Point info, was great to post, Thanks!

Matthew Wieland, Washington County Sheriff's Post 2528 wrote:
This is a very information page, I have been in law enforcement exploring with Washington County Post 2528 for four years, but never knew Minnesota had a page for their explorer posts.  I suggest that this page be announced at the Breezy Point conference.  Is there any information regarding the 2000 Nationals in Indiana? Also, I have a change to report to you regarding our contact Advisor, it is no longer Bernie Morency, it is Sgt. Jay Kimble. (Same Contact #) I suggest a listing of email addresses of explorers in Minnesota who are interested in communicating with other explorers, which might lead to more interactive between posts.

Andy Seabolt, Sullivan County Tennessee Explorer Post 172 wrote:
I am an explorer of Sullivan County Tennessee's Explorer Post 172.  I hold rank of Sergeant.  Your page is really nice.

Joseph Thinn wrote:
I think you might be interested in a police officer's site.  It is at www.wararts.com and this site informs visitors exactly how to get into Law Enforcement, from application to academy.  I think you'd really like it.  Good Luck!

Daniel Danzi, Post 911Nasaau County Police Department First Precinct  wrote:
I Hope we can have this kind of success in our future!

Sr. District Executive Robert E. Courtlangus wrote:
Nice site, I'm trying to get our law enforcement post more active and give them different ideas.

Mike Murphy, Northfield Police Explorer Post 6400 wrote:
Your web site is easy to follow and understand. 

Jim Parlow wrote:
Hello, I am a currently a student  in Graduate school in St. Cloud State.  I commute to classes there and am doing research in the Criminal Justice area.  I happened across your site and felt that I could reach out from my experience and possibly assist in some manner.  I am a duty disabled retired officer, who stared out as an explorer.  During my career as an officer in La Crosse, I became an advisor and also a representative of the post to the BSA.  Please contact me if there is any interest in using my assistance in your program.  In the spring semester I will be at St. Cloud on Sundays and Mondays.   Thank You.

Jeremy Nelson, Grand Rapids Police Explorer Post 399 wrote:
This is a very nice site. 

Dave Latta, Minnetonka Police Explorer Post 884 wrote:
Good page!  I have an affinity for the shoot score page, but I like how you give an overview of exploring for the rest of the world to see.  The pictures from Breezy and Nationals really bring back the memories.  I sometimes wonder how you (and the others, of course) can find the time to run the shoots like you do.  What I know for a fact is that we really appreciate it.  It allows us to "practice" for breezy but still maintains the competitive nature characteristics of target shooting.

Keven Kelley, Explorer Post 2240 wrote:
Breezy is Lots of Fun.

Scott T Huppert, Newport Law Enforcement Explorer Post 92 wrote:
I have been strongly involved with the Newport PD Law Enforcement Post 92 for 4 years now.  I am shocked that we do not have a info page on the post page.  If you need the info please contact me.

Sgt. Dan Carlson, Burnsville Police Department  wrote:
Just getting more info on starting our post in Burnsville.  Thanks for inviting me to the past board meeting held on 12-09-98.  I brought back a lot of information. 

Explorer Sean Pegg, New Hope Explorer Post 915 wrote:
Yes it is me again.  My post wanted to know how they can become the Featured Post.  They keep asking me to write so I did.  If you could write back and let me know.  If you need info let me know I will give it to you.  Thanks.

Explorer Rachel Beltz, Hennepin County Explorer Post #2744 wrote:
Exploring is the best thing I do on  Thursday nights, without it my week is horrible.

Explorer Sean Pegg, New Hope Explorer Post 915 wrote:
We was just wondering on when are you going to put the new info on Breezy Point.  We just wanted to say that we like finding out how many other post that are on the web site.  We hope that you keep this web site going for a long time.  Thanks, New Hope Police Explorers.

Explorer Sean Pegg, New Hope Explorer Post 915 wrote:
I like the way you guys keep up with the shooting scores from Maple Grove.   I also like the web site because of the way it is set up.  It is easy to find things and look them up on this site.  Thank you very much for supporting the Minnesota Police Explorers.

Officer Rick Redenius, wrote:
I think the web sight look great!  Easy to read and easy to access items.  I especially like the picture section from Breezy and Nationals.

Scott Mattingly, wrote:
This is a very good website.  It was very nice being able to look up information from when I was still an explorer.  I am currently a Fire Explorer Advisor and as far as I know we do not have a website like this.  Keep up the great work.  Also, I would like serve as a role player possibly at the next Breezy Point Conference.

Jermiah Wiber, wrote:
I think that this is a cool web page but you should get Forest Lake's Page on here.

Ed Arnold, Austin Police Department  wrote:
Looks Good.  Easy to read.  We Meet Tuesdays at Austin Law Enforcement Center. 

Associate Advisor Susan Taylor, New Hope Police Department  wrote:
Thanks so much for changing the back round pattern.  The new one is a whole lot easier on the eyes.

Geoff Olson, Anoka Police Department  wrote:
I think the site is really great.  Helps people understand what explorers actually are and do.  Our Post meetings are every other Sunday during the School Year.  Meetings are held at the Anoka Police Department.

Steve Labatt, Hennepin County Sheriff's Department  wrote:
Cool Page.  Check out the second question.  Doesn't make  sense.

Erik Johnson, Maple Grove Police Department  wrote:
Well Done.  Looks professional and is informative.  A bit slow with our browser...

Evelyn Duchene, Inver Grove Heights Police Department  wrote:
Full of good information.  We meet every second and fourth Tuesday of each month, at Inver Grove Heights Police Department.

Blake Rampmaier, Williamson County Sheriff's Department  wrote:
It is great to see another state Association on the web.  I hope things are going well for your association.  I know fund other information to help out can be hard sometimes.  I have added your site to our links page.  We now have 200 links to Law Enforcement exploring web sites.  Good Luck

Brian Heinen wrote:
WOW!!!!  Looks Great.  You have great talent.  Looks like you have been burning the midnight oil working on the site, it is the most comprehensive explorer site I have ever seen.


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