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The Don Cup

The Don Cup

This award was created in April of 2000 to commemorate the selfless service of three men to the youth of Minnesota.  
Don Peterson, Don Clough, and Don Omodt.  
Known as The Three Dons, they volunteered countless hours each year to create the finest Law Enforcement Exploring program in the nation.  They consistently demonstrated a complete commitment to a mission of quality, service, and life-long learning.  These men are directly responsible for helping to create the finest local, state, and federal law enforcement professionals working today.  Additionally, their efforts have touched thousands of young people with life-lessons that reach far beyond law enforcement.  
This trophy will be awarded at each state conference to the post that demonstrates the characteristics The Three Dons showed over four decades.
Teamwork, Dedication, Quality, and Service.





The Don Cup Application

Below is a list of post that have been awarded The Don Cup


I am sorry to report that Don Peterson passed away on April 23, 2014.