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Shawn Silver Memorial Scholarship

On September 6, 2005, Lino Lakes Police Officer Shawn B. Silvera was killed in the line of duty while assisting in a high-speed chase on Minnesota Interstate Highway 35W. Officer Silvera was struck by the suspect’s car after deploying stop-sticks. He died serving his community; displaying actions that typify what the thin blue line of law enforcement stands for – the threshold between order and chaos. Officer Silvera made the SUPREME SACRIFICE.

While Officer Silvera’s death was both sudden and tragic, his philosophy of living has inspired many to reexamine the value of life and the significant IMPORTANCE OF TODAY.

Officer Silvera was a man of integrity, striving to live a life that could make a difference. He savored life in the present moment. He IMAGINED GREAT THINGS and made it a reality to





Shawn Silvera
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Shawn Silvera
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